Financial measures – Tenant letter June 2020

In the past month it became increasingly clear that many tenants are struggling with lost income as a result of the Corona crisis. Tenants who are affected are sometimes unable to pay the rent on time. Many of these tenants have a special significance for the social and cultural life in Amsterdam that we greatly appreciate. As a landlord, we want to take into account the financial conditions of these tenants and want to contribute to the continuation of their work and activities and we want them to keep their space.

It is true that Urban Resort is unable to provide 100% help to all tenants who have run into difficulties. We too must deal as best we can with the current situation and limit our own damage caused by the Corona-crisis.


Payment scheme

We want to offer tenants a broader payment scheme. The aarangement offers more space in the payment, than previously possible. It will make the payent scheme longer, but the entire rent is eventually paid.

There are already many tenants who use this arrangement and there may be many more. This means that Urban Resort must pre-finance all these deferred payments and as you will understand this can only be done to a certain extent.

For this reason, we want to have an official arrangement with tenants who want to make use of this payment scheme. This way we can keep an eye on whether we still have room for more tenants to enter, and whether we can still meet our own payment obligations.

We ask tenants with payment problems to make a payment arrangement with us no later than June 30. Because all tenants are in a different situation and do not experience the same kind of problems, we want to make a tailor-made appointment with everyone within the above-mentioned maximum arrangement. For example, shorter or longer repayment terms can be agreed upon. We hope to reach a reasonable agreement with everybody with the appropriate customization.

If you get into payment problems, a payment appointment is necessary in all cases, so please contact us quickly.

Finally, we would like to inform you that, if we, together with our tenants, manage to make a budget available to support tenants in real need, tenants who have already concluded a payment arrangement may also qualify for this.

We are discussing the criteria for this budget with the tenant committee which is in the making. (Read the call out here)

After this message we will contact you again by telephone, but you can also take the initiative yourself and call us on 020 6937575 or email to


No rent increase / indexation 2020

In the newsletter of the May of 14, we announced that, like every year, we would indexate the rental price of all our spaces as of July 1, 2020 with 1.4%. This concerns the annual correction for inflation in the Netherlands. (More information here)

However, Corona has left some of you in difficult situations. That is why we have decided to postpone this indexation until next year. This means that until January 1, 2021 the costs of this increase will NOT be charged to our tenants. Until December 2020, the rent for your space will remain the same as the previous month. Urban Resort is responsible for the loss of income that this causes.

Keep in mind that a rent adjustment will be applied in January 2021 and then again in July 2021.


Service costs

In the past few months, the Urban Resort finance team has worked hard to compile the settlements of the service costs per building. We have accelerated this process A credit is set off against any rent that has not yet been paid or the rent for the following month. Note: we have not completed the settlement for all properties yet, you will receive more news about this by email.