COVID-19: Measures in our broedplaatsen

Last update 11 June 2020

We take appropriate measures in our broedplaatsen to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Urban Resort follows the guidelines of the RIVM and the government in all its ongoing work. Below we would like to share information for our tenants about the measures we take: such as prevention, increasing cleaning and making disinfectants available.

Urban Resort remains open and accessible to its tenants. Viewings for vacant studios will take place 1-on-1 with an appropriate 1.5m distance. Our employees work from home as far as possible. Some (maintenance) work cannot be carried out to prevent possible contamination of colleagues. Where possible we will of course continue!

General measures
We ask all tenants to adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM and the GGD. See also the website of the Rijksoverheid (National Government )for more information. At the moment, these are the most important measures you can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. So it is always important to follow these. Being:


Wash your hands regularly
Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
Use tissue paper
Do not shake hands
Everyone in the Netherlands is asked to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other where possible
Work at home as much as possible
If you have mild health problems, avoid social contact and stay at home
And think about reducing risks yourself.

IMPORTANT: Always let us know if you think or know you have the coronavirus!

Urban Resort remains accessible. As a tenant, you can reach your rental coordinator by email preferably, as a lot of us work from home. If you have any questions or concerns, please share them with someone from our team. You can also do this via or call 020 6937575.


Use of workspaces
Our buildings will remain open for the time being. If you have no health problems and if working from home is not possible, you can use your space. Keep an appropriate distance from each other and observe the necessary hygiene measures. If you have (mild) health problems, such as sneezing, coughing, sore throat, runny nose or fever, stay home! Do you share your workspace with fellow users? Then make mutual agreements, so that you can use the space separately as much as possible.


Guidelines for Tenants and Users:


1. Provide at least 10m2 of workspace per person in your studio.

2. It may not be possible to work in space all at once. Therefore make a timetable: Who is working, when and where, in the studio.

3. Mark on the floor how you can move around the room to avoid contact with your fellow users (for example, by indicating one-way traffic).

4. Also keep in mind the 1.5-meter distance in elevators. Preferably, take the stairs.

5. Have a closed waste bin in your space.

6. Do not share pens, chargers, telephone, lighters, staplers, etc. Make sure you have your own workstation or clean it thoroughly after use for the next user.

7. Clean contact points (eg light switch or door handle) regularly with an alcohol wipe.

8. Provide adequate ventilation within your studio, preferably open a window for fresh outside air.

9. Do not travel long distances to the broedplaats. Avoid public transport as much as possible.

10. Non-tenants may re-enter the broedplaats from 1 June in accordance with the measures from RIVM, provided that the correct distance is guaranteed. This means that you can organize workshops or lessons when your clients pre-book in advance, and you can guarantee a safe environment.


We try to keep our broedplaatsen workable for all as best as we can. If you have a good idea, or if you run into something, let us know! Together with your broedplaats-colleagues, ensure that we can work in a safe environment, so talk with each and point everybody in the direction of these guidelines.


Because hygiene is extremely important at this moment, Urban Resort has distributed disinfectant cleaning products to various locations. In the broedplaatsen where Urban Resort is cleaning, we are expanding that work until further notice so that all door handles, banisters and the like are cleaned more often the coming period. Where cleaning is arranged mutually, we request tenants to use the disinfectants for this as well.


Suspension of public functions
In all our locations, public activities and events have been discontinued and all food and beverage outlets are closed. Cultural institutions are, however, allowed to reopen, taking into account extra safety measures, from 1 June. The cabinet took the following measures on 6 May: A maximum of 30 people (including staff) and a distance of 1.5 meters and visitors must book in advance. This will be scaled up to 100 people (including staff from 1 July 2020). Together with the cultural institutions and food and beverage entrepreneurs in our broedplaatsen, we look for solutions to maintain the 1.5m distance. All others events that need a permit are prohibited until September 1, 2020.


Residential groups
We understand that there are also concerns with the people who live in our buildings. Tenants live in residential groups in broedplaatsen LELY, SUP and WIJK7. We have received signals from tenants who are concerned about the possibility that one of the residents could become infected with COVID-19. Here too, we refer to the regulations of RIVM and the national government, which provide all kinds of answers to these kinds of situations in FAQs. We maintain separate contact with all tenants who live in our buildings about these guidelines.


No reception function: handling mail and packages
For the broedplaatsen where there is a reception, we temporarily stop the reception function. Urban Resort wants to limit the risks for reception staff. For example, tenants at LELY will have to take care of receiving mail and packages themselves. Only at our location ACTA do we continue to have a limited reception function.


Information for your company or artists, makers or cultural organizations
The corona crisis may have major consequences for your company or work as an artist, maker or your cultural organization. Urban Resort therefore wants to keep you informed about possible financial measures and helpful information. Please take a look at the following page.


Rental payment scheme

We want to offer tenants a broader payment scheme. The arrangement offers more space in the payment than previously possible. It will make the payment scheme longer, but the entire rent is eventually paid. Read more here.

Rent adjustment

The rent is adjusted every year by indexation. However, we have decided to postpone this indexation until next year. This means that until January 1, 2021 the costs of this increase will NOT be charged to our tenants. Until December 2020, the rent for your space will remain the same as the previous month. Urban Resort is responsible for the loss of income that this causes. Read more here 

Service costs

In the past few months, the Urban Resort finance team has worked hard to compile the settlements of the service costs per building. We have accelerated this process so that tenants can expect a settlement earlier this year.

Viewing days
Viewings of the vacant spaces continue 1-on-1, with 1.5m distance. On our offerpage (aanbodpagina) you will find information about the studios that are/will become be available.