COVID-19: News and updates for our creatives

Last update 1st of June 2020

The consequences of the coronavirus have a strong impact on the creative- and cultural sector. Our tenants, mostly self-employed, are facing difficult times.

The government comes with a number of financial arrangements. Urban Resort is not yet eligible for financial support and therefore cannot waive the rent for its tenants. Like most organizations in the cultural sector, we are “not-for-profit” and therefore have a limited financial buffer.

However, Urban Resort tries to assist its tenants as much as possible in these uncertain times.

That is why we have made an overview of the various arrangements that our tenants can apply for themselves and an overview of the main websites where relevant information is shared. The information changes daily. We, therefore, advise you to keep a close eye on updates on the mentioned websites and other links.

Tenants who are in trouble due to a temporary disappointing income due to the Corona crisis, can contact us. Together we look at the possibilities for a payment arrangement/solution. We invite tenants to contact their rental-coordinator by email. You can also send an email to, or get in touch with us on 020 6937575.

Read more about the measures we take in our locations and within the organization, here.


Read about the measures we take in our Broedplaatsen here. 

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Information sources 


  1. 1. Bbz benefit (financial assistance for self-employed persons) & Bbz loan

Self-employed people without personnel can receive temporary support from the municipality in the form of financial assistance. This benefit is intended to compensate for the fall in income caused by the corona crisis and is a supplement to a social minimum for a period of 3 months.

TOZO-scheme per 1st of June (TOZO 2) The TOZO, the temporary bridging scheme for self-employed entrepreneurs, will be extended by three months: June, July and August. From 1 June you can also apply for the TOZO with retroactive effect from your municipality.

If you have applied for and received the TOZO 1, you will not automatically receive TOZO 2. So request the extension separately! More information via the link:

As an entrepreneur, you can also apply for a Bbz business credit/loan to solve liquidity problems. The repayment of that loan can be postponed. More information via the link:


2. Compensation for damages due to COVID-19

If your turnover has dropt due to the measures taken by the government against the corona crisis, you are entitled to a gift of € 4,000 to compensate operating costs. The compensation is for those entrepreneurs whose main activity corresponds to one of the established SBI codes. Is your SBI codes missing from the list? Then read on here.

More information via the link:


3. Loan (BMKB and GO financing)

Through government guarantees, it will be easier to obtain a loan from one of the Dutch banks and other lenders. Entrepreneurs can make use of the BMKB- and a GO-financing. Repayment obligations (also for current loans) may in some cases be delayed.

More information via the link:


4. NOW scheme (temporary compensation for labor costs)

An employer can submit an application to the UWV for compensation for wage costs.

More information via the link:

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    5. Belastingdienst (Tax authorities)

  2. The Belastingdienst takes measures for people to apply for a delay in paying taxes. This is possible for all the ‘aanslagen’ for instance: income tax, partner tax, turnover tax (VAT) and payroll taxes. To apply, you need to send a letter to the tax authorities.

If you have less profit during this period, you can change your ‘Voorlopige aanslag’ so that you immediately pay less tax. If the amount is less than the tax you already paid in the first months of the year, you will be refunded the difference.

The Tax and Customs Administration also temporarily lowers the collection interest to 0.01% over delayed payments. This applies to all tax debts.

More information via the link:


6. Mortgage

Lenders have raised their mortgage interest rates. Due to the economic situation, capital market interest rates are rising and this has an impact on the level of mortgage interest rates. It remains to be seen whether the increase will continue, as the European Central Bank has put together an emergency financial package of 75 billion. So now is the time, if you have not already done so, to improve your current mortgage conditions and reduce your monthly payments for a longer period of time. Contact your adviser as soon as possible. A number of mortgage lenders are more flexible with current repayment obligations. These obligations can be postponed for several months in the event of payment problems.


7. Checklist & tips

The ‘Stichting MKB Financiering‘ and ‘ONL voor Ondernemers‘ have jointly created a checklist for self-employed persons and entrepreneurs with 12 tips for limiting liquidity problems and some concrete tips for obtaining extra financing and liquidity in the short term.

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Pay special attention! The above schemes do not apply to all non-EU citizens. Take a good look at whether or not you qualify, and whether the application may have consequences for your residence permit in the Netherlands. You can read more about it on the IND website.

More information via the link:

Important websites


Rijksoverheid (Government)

Frequently asked questions about the consequences of the coronavirus for the cultural sector can be found at


Kamer van Koophandel (Chamber of Commerce)

On the website of the Chamber of Commerce you can find a lot of information about the various schemes available to entrepreneurs:


Gemeente Amsterdam (Municipality of Amsterdam)

Information about the general policy of the municipality of Amsterdam can be found at:

There is a special page for entrepeneurs: 'Rental rights for entrepreneurs during corona'.
Due to the corona crisis, many entrepreneurs can no longer pay the rent for their business premises. Read what you can do and what your rights and obligations are:



There are various organizations and institutions that provide culture-oriented information. Cultuur + Ondernemen lists them:


De Kunstenbond (union)

It is important to clearly identify the impact of COVID-19 in order to be eligible for government support for the cultural sector as a whole. De Kunstenbond has started an inventory to report the damage to freelancers in the creative sector. On this special page, you as a freelancer in the cultural and creative sector, can report your cancellations, and therefore a loss of income, due to the coronavirus:

More useful information can be found on the website for artists and creatives:


Kunsten ’92 (Association for Art, Culture and Heritage)

The association has set up a page for institutions and self-employed persons about information on the measures taken by the government. The organization also maintains contact with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the House of Representatives about the consequences for the sector. Kunsten ’92 is leading the taskforce created to serve the interests of the cultural and creative industries. Read more about it on the


Bond van Nederlandse Ontwerpers (Association of Dutch Designers)

The organization provides tools and information to get through the crisis period, including templates for applying for deferment of payment. They also share many positive messages from creative initiatives that are now developing. Read more:



For all musicians: SENA has announced that it will immediately make an extra application round with a budget of 200,000 euros available in the SENA Performers Music Production Fund. You can apply up to  April 12th and you will hear whether or not it will be granted by April 23. Applications can be made via:



Current news about corona and the cultural sector can also be followed via the Boekman Foundation. They publish current items about the consequences of the virus for various companies in the cultural sector:


Fonden (Funds)

Various funds (eg  Mondiaan FondsAFKStimulerinsfond Creatieve Industrie, Fonds Podium Kunsten  etc) share information on their websites, including about the situation regarding current applications.


Initiatives from the Broedplaatsen

We would also like to share something positive in these difficult times. View the initiatives of our tenants that have recently developed to make life in insulation more inspirational and that gives tenants the chance to show their work to the public in an alternative way. Read more about the initiatives via our news page: and stay up-to-date via our Facebook page.


DCR Network

DCR Network, the umbrella organization for incubators (broedplaats ontwikkelaars) in the Netherlands, has sent a letter on April 2nd to the Ministries of Education, Culture and Science and Economic Affairs with a cc to the Task Force. In this letter they highlight the problems creative hubs in the Netherlands are facing due to the corona crisis. The letter was signed by  125 incubator organizations and atelier organizations in the Netherlands, including Urban Resort. Read more on the website:


The Makerstore

The Maker Store in the Hallen in Amsterdam West, has started an online initiative to help Amsterdam-based makers show their work online. With the online platform they want to give local makers a helping hand in these difficult times. Our tenants are also invited to register. You can do this at:



Do you have other questions or would you like to discuss something with us? That is possible, especially at this time! Do not hesitate to contact us. You can, ofcourse get in touch with your own rental-coordinator or via or call us on 020 6937575.

Is there anything else we can add to this list? Let us know! Sen us an email: Give us a ‘like’ on Facebook and stay informed of our latest news.


Urban Resort cannot be held responsible for any errors in the published information.