Urban Resort


In 2008, a number of high-rise building blocks with commercial rental and social housing were erected on the former shipyard to the west of the central station. Until then, the disused area provided space for a community of urban nomads, artists, old boatmen and squatters. In order to maintain the accessible cultural facilities for the new neighbourhood, the city, Urban Resort and housing cooperatives Eigen Haard and Ymere joined forces. On the ground floor, in addition to commercial business premises, affordable workspaces for artists and cultural social enterprises were created. In contrast to almost all creative hubs that existed at the time, creative incubator Westerdok did not come in a draughty and depreciated building that was only allocated for temporary use; it became the very first broedplaats in new construction and also in a central location and for the long term.

WESTERDOK is a unique broedplaats, where 17 affordable new-build studios are spread over Westerdokseiland, west of Central Station. You will find a mix of art in all its facets, cultural services and social organizations.

Is houses a diverse group of tenants: from spatial designers to visual artists, from corporate theater to innovative collectives. Public events are just as diverse: from creative courses for the neighborhood to a hub for the international creative scene.