Tenant representation

Who are we? 

Anyone could be a part of the Committee. The representation we want to reach is at least two members per broedplaats. 

What do we stand for? 

The goal of the tenant committee (huurderscomité) is to claim a voice for the tenants of Urban Resort. The tenant committee aims to represent the diverse interests of different tenants in the broedplaatsen of Urban Resort. 

What is our mission? 

The primary goal of the Tenant Committee (huurderscomité) of Urban Resort is to organize tenants to better address shared issues. 

Since April 2020, tenants from different Urban Resort incubators (broedplaatsen) have been meeting to discuss issues related to the covid-19 and economic crises, as well as the role of tenants in the overall Amsterdam incubator/broedplaatsen system. The outcome of these meetings is an understanding that we as tenants need to work together, and not only during this period of crisis but also going forward toward a more sustainable future that includes: 

  1. Ensuring the availability of affordable workspaces for artists and creatives in Amsterdam; 2. Long(er) term contracts & efforts to better balance out the negative effects of gentrification; 3. Inclusion in relevant decision-making processes.

The tenant committee aims to represent the diverse interests of tenants in the incubators/broedplaatsen of Urban Resort. 

For a strong and valid representation, we need your consent/permission. The more tenants are supporting the committee and wish to be represented by it, the stronger our voice will get and the easier we will be able to engage in important decision making processes by Urban Resort and the City of Amsterdam concerning our working and living spaces. 

This form Tenants Committee Consent Form introduces you to the TC. Please spread the word and sign up”. 

Each broedplaats will have one-two rotating representatives who will attend the monthly meetings of the huurderscomité. Minutes will be shared with other tenants. This also requires good organisation of tenants per broedplaats. The tenant committee will also meet with Urban Resort on a regular basis. 

In collaboration with Urban Resort, we are formalizing the role and the mandate of the tenant committee and how it will function within the structure of Urban Resort. A body with a clear mission statement, a voice that works for the benefit of and with tenants. 

If you have any other questions or comments please email:
You can also join our private Facebook group.