Tenant Comittee

The UR Huurderscomité / tenant committee is looking for new members!

Due to the contract ending of Urban Resort’s largest projects SUP and LELY, some of our members will have to leave their broedplaats and thus the tenant committee. After two years of bringing tenants’ concerns to Urban Resort and the Gemeente, we have not just gained direct tenant involvement in the strategy decisions, but also grown into an overarching community. We would like to make this platform available for new members to engage in their building and in the atelier- en broedplaatsenbeleid.

Your power is greatest when you stand with others. The degree of success we have in representing our fellow tenants will depend on how many tenants consent to join as members and/or be represented.


On 3 June 2022, the Huurderscomité signed a cooperation agreement with Stichting Urban Resort, after a year of developing it together. The purpose of this agreement is to establish a sustainable participation structure to voice tenants’ interests and incorporate them into policy where feasible.

Become a member

The Huurderscomité (HC) represents the interests of the tenants of all Urban Resort broedplaatsen. As a committee member you talk with your fellow tenants about their concerns, and meet with the committee on collectively scheduled dates.

There are at least two scheduled meetings per year between HC and UR. More frequent meetings may take place upon request of either party.

Interested? Please write us a short email to

Be represented

To be represented by the Huurderscomité, please fill in this Google form. This way we receive your contact details, keep you informed and invite you to open meetings.