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Living & Working in LYCKA

Young pioneers in Sloterdijk!

LYCKA gives space to pioneers, with a focus on young artists. In the residential tower, 28 apartments are developed for talented Academy leavers. When they have to move out of their student accommodation, it is often difficult for them to find affordable accommodation in Amsterdam. Thanks to LYCKA, these starters do not have to leave the capital immediately after graduating and talent from outside the city can also get a chance to settle here. In addition, the 7 studios in thebroedplaats provide artists and start-up creative companies with a place to set up their practice in a dynamic district full of growth opportunities.

Multifunctional Buurtkamer Sloterdijk 

Sloterdijk Centrum will be a diverse neighborhood with homes, innovative and creative companies, restaurants, cafe’s and other facilities. With the influx of residents, there is also a need to meet each other in the neighborhood. The Buurtkamer Sloterdijk will be the cultural heart of the neighborhood, where people can come together and where activities and events are organized, both by the artist community and by local residents. Think of exhibitions, presentations, creative meet-ups, workshops, lessons, etc.

Homes & Workspaces 

Residential tower LYCKA is being built and managed by Eigen Haard. The residential tower will soon have 118 social rental homes, 28 of which are specifically intended for young (18-28) artists. These artists may partly give their own interpretation to the 5th, 6th, 7th and part of the 8th floor. From the shared roof garden they have a view of the neighborhood that is rising around them. The broedplaats is located on the ground floor and the first floor and consists of seven particularly bright and spacious studios and a public space that is set up as a neighborhood meeting room. Urban Resort manages the creative broedplaats and does the recruitment and selection for the creative broedplaats and also for the artists’ residences.


Completion of the building is planned from the end of August to October 2021. The 28 artists’ residences are expected to be available in mid-September. The broedplaats with workspaces will probably be ready at the end of October. The buurtkamer van Sloterdijk, which is now housed in the Gardens of Bret, will (as soon as possible) move to LYCKA. The 90 other social rental homes in the building are rented out in the regular manner by Eigen Haard through WoningNet. The houses are offered via WoningNet approximately two months before completion.



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