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The municipality subsidizes creative ‘broedplaatsen’ to realize affordable studios for artists and creatives, a large number of spaces are only intended for this target group. The CAWA committee checks on behalf of the municipality whether a candidate is indeed an artist or creative professional and is allowed to rent such CAWA space.Read on the ‘Ateliers en broedplaatsen’ page of the Municipality of Amsterdam whether you are eligible for a CAWA workspace:

Unfortunately the CAWA website is only in Dutch. We will elaborate it down below as much as possible.

To be assessed by the CAWA committee, you go through a procedure in which you upload a portfolio and demonstrate that you earn below the income threshold. The procedure has quite a few steps and is therefore sometimes experienced as complicated. Below is a step-by-step description of what you must submit, read the text carefully!

If you take the time it is not very difficult but do not underestimate it and ask your contact person at Urban Resort for help if you get stuck.

Download here the pdf UR_CAWAhandout_Algemeen_NieuweProcedure (DUTCH ONLY)

Or read it down below step by step in English.

If you miss the deadlines, your file will not be processed and you have to wait for the next round. There is a change you are too late and cannot rent a space.


1. Sign up via and pay €25,-. When your payment is received by ABA (Ateliers en Broedplaatsen Amsterdam) they will sent you an email to activate your profile. You have to activate your profile within  24 hours, otherwise you have to get in touch with the ABA for a new login code.

2. Complete the basic test and upload your portfolio (productions, presentations and recognition)

Here you can indicate your profession. Is your profession not listed? Please contact your contact at Urban Resort  to discuss what is best for you. Please note: if you deviate from the recognized list, you must give extra reasons why you should be assessed positively by means of a strong portfolio.

If you have not completed any training for your creative professional practice, you can check the box that you are self-taught. Again, your portfolio must convince the committee of this and you must therefore clearly demonstrate that you are practicing at Presentations and Recognition.

Production: what you have made in the past three years. Include the title, description and any other relevant information. A minimum of 2 works per year, a maximum of 10 in total.
Presentations: where has your work been shown, performances, etc.
Recognition: recommendations, awards, media mentions. When you tick self-taught, it is of extra importance to focus more on this part.

Do you have less work than the stated standard? Get in touch with your contact at Urban Resort, and discuss how to justify this.

In max. 250 words you can tell the committee members why you are the right candidate for this space. So answer the following questions here:
– What are your creative plans for the coming years?
– Are there any planned collaborations with renowned institutions?
– How does this studio contribute to your ambitions and future plans?
– Why do you need this place to carry out your work? Think of the location, light, size, et cetera.

The committee attaches great importance to this motivation!
Do not copy the text in the text field, a pdf will not be processed.

4. Send an email to with your Urban Resort contact person in cc, asking if your profile can be linked to the studio.

The deadline, for sending this email is 14 days before the meeting date. The ABA links your profile to the space.


    The committee wants to see if you are not earning too much. You can prove this with the 2020 tax assessment.You send an email so that you can upload your personal motivation and tax assessment 2020. The deadline for sending is 10 days before the meeting date. When all documents are received on time, your application can be processed by the committee. You can view the meeting dates here.

    The income statement is explicitly about your private income, the salary you earn / actually paid yourself from your company. And not about the turnover and profit of your company and / or artworks.

    Due to privacy legislation, the income statement must be sent securely. You do this by inserting your assessment, which you can download as a PDF, as an image in Microsoft Word. You will receive an explanation for this in the email

ADVICE : Work in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome! From experience it has been found that the website does not work properly on Internet Explorer and Safari (Apple).

For further questions about the CAWA website, please contact the CAWA committee:

For substantive questions about your registration, please contact your Urban Resort contact person:
020 69 37 575

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