Stichting HOLY

Stichting HOLY develops educational projects at the interface between art and social awareness.


History: In 1999, media artist Merel Mirage was asked to create an artwork in the public space in the district Holy, in Vlaardingen. Fascinated by youngsters and their (non-)ability to speak their mind, she wondered if she could move this group to express themselves about social issues in their own way. She designed an online tool, the HOLY Animator, which enabled young people to depict their opinion and ideas with animation. The animation clips were displayed in the ‘HOLY Automaat’ in the middle of their own neighborhood: a candy machine with a large video screen in it. From this first work of art Stichting HOLY emerged in 2002.


Our mission: Engaging youngsters to express their opinions creatively, and showing the results as works of art in the public space.


Latest project: After numerous theme projects (i.a. tolerance, freedom, local food, slavery), 25 thousand animation clips, several interesting collaborations (i.a. European Commission, Dutch Council for Refugees), it was time for a change: less screens, more action! That’s why we developed Scale Down Challenge.


Scale Down Challenge embodies sustainability, creativity, and solution-oriented thinking. The motto reads: small steps, BIG CHANGES! The star of the project is a life-sized, traveling vegetable scale, the Scale Down Scale.


Participants step on it and select Challenges with the product buttons. These are easy assignments like ChiliSinCarne, InsectDare or WTFridge?!


If a participant presses the PRINT button, the Scale prints a real receipt with the selected Challenges and tips for the execution. Participants carry out the Challenges and depict the results in Social Media Art: unique posts, consisting of cool photos and interesting captions. These works of art are exhibited both online and physically in the public space. That way, the youngsters’ vision on sustainability inspires a large audience!