Saskia Freeke

I’m an artist, creative coder, interaction designer, visual designer and educator. My work focuses on structure, geometry and playfulness. A big part of my artistic practice is my ongoing daily art project that I started January 2015. Here I explore and experiment with generative patterns and animations daily. You can follow my daily art on Twitter or Instagram.

In my work I create both digital and physical work. From my daily digital artworks I explore ways to make work physical with the use of digital fabrication. You can think of laser cut structures from wood, laser cut paper and printed designs.

Besides these graphical artworks, I’m interested in creating novel, tangible interfaces. My research focuses on the cultural aspect of the interface, on the space between the human and the machine. I’m is interested in exploring the affect of what certain interactions and interfaces have, both on the human and the machine. I want to create interactive installations that engage the user in playful ways to let them explore the machine and see the technology we are using daily in a different way.

I have been a lecturer in Physical Computing at Goldsmiths, University of London and taught in visual design and supervised student projects at the University of the Arts Utrecht School for Games and Interaction.

At the moment I work on my own artistic practise and as a freelance interaction, visual designer and educator. I enjoy working on digital an physical projects, web and/or print, visual and interaction design, brand design, interactive product design, playful interactions. As well organising events, giving workshops and talks in creative coding and interactive design.