Sanny van Loon

Sanny van Loon is a freelance illustrator from Amsterdam, NL.

After graduating as a graphic designer in 2009, she earned a bachelor’s degree in illustration from the HKU University of the Arts in 2014.

She specializes in illustrations for books, magazines, packaging, stationery and other products.

Clients include:

Albert Heijn (NL) / (NL) / Bravery Magazine (US) / Chronicle Books (US) / Compendium Live Inspired (US) / Country Living Magazine (US) / Dacia (BE) / De Parade (NL) / Diabetes Fonds (NL) / Dr. Oz Magazine (US) / ELLE Eten (NL) / ELLEgirl (NL) / Flow Magazine (NL/DE/FR) / HEMA (NL) / Ivy Press (UK) / King Louie (NL) / Koken met van Boven (NL) / Libelle (NL) / Margriet (NL) / Martini (NL) / Nivea (NL) / Papyrus (US) / Penguin Random House (US) / PostNL (NL) / Professor Grunschnabel (NL/FR) / Real Simple Magazine (US) / Resurgence & Ecologist Magazine (UK) / Things I Like Things I Love (NL) / Viva (NL) / VPRO (NL) / Washingtonian (US) / Wendy Magazine (NL) / Wildernis (NL) / Workman Publishing (US) / Wrangler (US) / Yoga Magazine (NL)