Rosanne Jonkhout

Though video-installations, performances and an ever-expanding archive, Rosanne Jonkhout (1991) creates a place where every surface may be contaminated with the uncomfortable, the mean, the painful, the raw and the sensationalistic. From found-footage material she extracts a ‘confession’ (some form of socially undesirable behaviour) through which she investigates power structures, and how these can be traced back to major social systems. Through the material itself, the manipulation by Jonkhout and the role of the viewer, an endless cycle of power is articulated. Granting us a momentary break from societal norms, the work aims to air out all dirty laundry and infinitely connect the clothes lines.

Rosanne Jonkhout is an artist, researcher and writer living and working in Amsterdam, NL. She studied ‘Fine Art’ at ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem and received her master’s degree in ‘Artistic Research’ at the University of Amsterdam on 2018. She previously worked as research coordinator at the lectorate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Research Institute for Art and Public Space (LAPS). She now works as part of the production team at DAS Graduate School.

Together with Nagaré Willemsen, in 2017 Rosanne Jonkhout founded the collective ‘Rosanne & Nagaré’. This collective employs diverse media, ranging from performances to workshops, that centre vulnerability. In these installations, the collective creates new realities that approach the conversation about decoloniality and anti-discriminatory practices in new ways.