Marta Marszal

I have lived and worked in many different places around the world. I was born in Poland, educated in Germany and Switzerland, worked in Istanbul, Bangkok and Amsterdam. I have a big curiosity and ultimate openness to cultures. I studied architecture and city planning, but grew frustrated with an industry that prioritises square meters over human needs. This is why I became self-employed and moved into visual communication, human-centred design and process facilitation.
Since 2008 I have been living in the Netherlands, where I started my strategic design company, Remember to Play (RtP).

RtP is a human-centred design company, which uses creative problem solving methodologies to facilitate organisations through multi-stakeholder innovation and change processes. Visual Communication plays a central role in the work RtP does. We believe that images allow for more precise and impactful communication.
If you want to learn more about Remember to Play please visit the website: