Janine Vermeulen

Centrum voor Happiness in: Studio 13, 14 .

Mark Naaborgh and Janine Vermeulen founded Centrum voor Happiness in 2018. (Before it was known as Happy Wo-Man).

Mark (a formal craftsman and IT engineer) and Janine (social entrepreneur and Empowerment coach) created a beautiful spot, in this HW10 Broedplaats.

We offer you a nice program, together with other teachers in our community.
Artists, students, inhabitans from the neighbourhood and others, follow Yoga lessons, like : Classical Tantric Breath Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation, Massage, Biodanza, Modern Dance, Dance meditation and Soundhealing.

Also we organise bare foot dance events!
You can join playful contactdans workshops (massagedans) every 2nd Friday and: Chitta ! every 4th Friday.
Chitta means conscious heart. This barefoot dance party is outrageous with Live music or workshop, DJ, firepit, hot tub, chocolate treats and yummy selfmade (non alcoholic) drinks, massage etc..

So if you want to chill out or make some progress in your health and wellness bucket list, you may easily walk or bike to this beautiful centrum voor Happiness near the Sloterplas. And in case you didn’t know: it is also very easy to park here (cheap or free). And nearby public transport (towards the center of Amsterdam only 10 minutes).

Both Studio’s 13 (25m2) and 14 (81m2) in our center are available for rent.
We have three dance projects and they love Studio 14 for it’s dancefloor, nice warm interior and facilities like professional sound and yogamats.
Also small companies hire for e.g. drama workshops and groupcoaching.

So, if you look for a special arrangement for your company , event or project, please contact us.
email: centrumvoorhappiness@gmail.com.

We work with skilled professionals: coaches, workshop leaders and artists. We provide (group)coaching, HRM, Change, Empowerment , Innovative, creative workshops and more. And we offer catering and B&B (in the neighbourhood).