Frederike Top

Frederike Top has her own design studio, based in Amsterdam. She designs for both interior and public space. Besides creating products for various design labels Frederike works for companies such as Rabobank, Nationale Nederlanden, museums, housing organizations and municipalities.

Her work has a playful character and often invites interaction. She aims to create a poetic atmosphere within the spaces she designs for, allowing small interventions to create a major impact. Products of her making have an extra dimension, providing small surprises that will only be discovered as they are used. “The surroundings, together with its users, play a major part in my designs, I design for them. For the experience, to look at and for practical use.”

Frederike graduated in 2007 as Product Designer at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht and directly started her design studio. Since three years she combines her designwork with the function of Course Leader at the Product Design department at the Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.