Bettina Weller

Bettina Weller was born in Düsseldorf, Germany, 1962.
She studied set-design and painting in Berlin at the University of the Arts (HdK Berlin), class Achim Freyer.
Since the eighties she worked as set-/costumedesigner in Germany and Holland (see: set-design), at several theaters as Schauspiel Bochum, Deutsches Theater Berlin, Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Theater Bonn,Theater Freiburg, NNT Groningen etc., together with directors as J. Gosch, T. Fransz, GJ Rijnders, K.Schiffler of H.Waldmann.
In 1995 she moved to Amsterdam and settled there, starting also illustrating schoolbooks.
In 2008 she became an “art-teacher” (beroepskunstenaar in de klas) and works on educational art-projects with schoolchildren, both at school aswell as in her own studio “Atelier Tekenkamer”.