Zeger de Vos

Zeger de Vos is a composer and producer from Amsterdam. From playing piano, to drums and producing hip hop beats, he decided to go to the University of the Arts Utrecht to study music and technology. After eventually getting his Masters degree in music from the University of Huddersfield, he decided to build his own professional music studio in the south of Amsterdam. With a passion for film, he has a sixth sense for cinematic sounds, often resulting in uniquely atmospheric music. He is always looking for new techniques and original sounds. That is why his studio is full of vintage analog synthesizers, a modified piano and exotic objects and instruments. Combined with a computer that houses state of the art software like Pro Tools, Ableton and Max, he is able to bring that exact sound you have in your head into the world. Apart from his work as a film and documentary composer, he performs as an experimental ambient/noise artist under his own name. More of this can be found at www.sonicentities.com and www.zegerdevos.nl