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De Vlugt: an incubator and community-oriented cultural center where art is conceived, produced and programmed

In De Vlugt not only artists work on their special projects, the residents of the surrounding Slotermeer are also part of what is created within the walls of this building.

The incubator combines studios where people work in seclusion with public spaces where exhibitions can take place, workshops are given and lectures are held. There are practice and workshop rooms where one day a professional company rehearses and the next day local young people take their very first steps on stage. In the large theater hall with eighty seats, dance, theater and other performing arts are performed. There is also a cinema with a variety of film programming. After all those artistic excesses, you can visit Café De Vlugt for a chat over a drink.

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Studio Nygaard door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

Studio Nygaard door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

ICK Amsterdam door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

GOLEB door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna