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Urban Resort is a professional non-profit organization that has been managing incubators in Amsterdam since 2007. Its core task is to realize affordable workspaces – space to develop living space – for artists, creative entrepreneurs and social goals. Urban Resort realizes breeding grounds where the rent is low and the increase; where large installations and miniature theater arise; where there is room to organize a festival, to offer young talents a stage, but also to spontaneously asking the neighbors for a coffee.

Broedplaats POST_Studio Pallesh © Jimena Gabriella Gauna Photography


This is what we stand for:

Affordable workplaces and living spaces
We offer our target group places to work and, if possible, to live. A living space and a workspace are always combined.

Do you want to rent a living and working space from us? Then you’re immediately responsible for the property. Our tenants form a collective. They work together and they are responsible for the reception of people from the outside world.

Both socially and physically, we go for sustainability. Therefore, we do not only go for long-term relationships, but also for long-term utilization of our properties.

Space for experiment
Tenants get the space to grow and let their ideas flourish. New projects and initiatives are created. This forms the broad foundation on which the cultural vanguard can build.

A lively city
Every property has public areas. These spaces play an important part in Amsterdam’s cultural life and nightlife. They’re not only used for exhibitions, festivals and other gatherings, but also for hospitality. This way, we connect people and set the city’s development in motion.

Neighborhood 2.0 and refugees
Our buildings play an important part in the neighborhood and the city. As a new style neighborhood center, with courses and presentations. Not only neighborhood residents are welcome, but basically everyone on this planet. We also offer refugees a home.

Support in the broadest sense of the word
We are more than a landlord. We are supporting beautiful initiatives, advising (sub)cultural groups and facilitating all kinds of projects that add something on a cultural or social level. We support our tenants and other initiators.



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Geschiedenis van Urban Resort (dutch only)


Thank you Bureau Broedplaatsen, Stichting Leegstand Oplossers Amsterdam (LOLA), Volkshotel en SBA, our colleague-broedplaatsen especially ADM, Bajesdorp, Ruigoord, OT301 en the other free spaces for their inspiration. A lot of thanks to Van Lennep  for the design and website front end developer donc.

Illustration: Ortelius Drew


Stichting Urban Resort
Louwesweg 1
1066 EA Amsterdam
T: 020 6937575
E: info@urbanresort.nl
W: www.urbanresort.nl
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Image: Renata Chede