Sylvia van Ommen

When I was about 5 years old I wanted to become a baker or something to do with drawing. I didn’t do much baking, but I did make portraits of myself as a baker, in various sizes and materials. I was always drawing: bakers, animals, strange people, houses, dinosaurs, faces, fashion, fairytales, monsters, big stories and small doodles… anything could happen on each new empty sheet or in the margin of my notebooks.

I went to the art academy in Kampen where I studies illustration. In 2001 I graduated with lots of drawings and the book ‘drop’ (jellybeans). Now I work as an illustrator, writer, animator and designer and every weekday I make a cartoon. I make my own (picture)books and work commissioned for educational publishers. In everything I do I like to look for the humor and the extraordinary in the ordinary and try to keep looking afresh and be able to marvel. I have a studio in De Rietwijker in Amsterdam Noord where I work every weekday. I share a space with my man Maurice van der Bij, animator/motion graphic designer. And Aline Horlings, creative entrepreneur and illustrator.