STEIM Foundation

STEIM is a ‘network laboratory’ for experiments in sound art and electronic live performance. Since 1969, STEIM has been a hotspot for an international community of composers, musicians, visual artists and scientists. Even though technology has always played an important role in STEIM’s activities, the focus has always been on artistic results and value. The value of a new electronic instrument lies ultimately in its effect on performance, the meaning of sound art lies in the experience of the artwork.

STEIM collaborates with artists and other professionals to investigate the boundaries between art, technology, and society. Currently, STEIM’s research agenda is focussed on different contexts for music and sound: relationships with physical space, music and sound in (dys)functional objects, and the role of sound and music in other sectors in society.

STEIM coaches artists who work on their own projects and provides studios, a software and a hardware workshop, and a guesthouse for resident artists. STEIM also exhibits sound art on its own premises and in collaboration with different venues, using the brand name TONE. The sound art exhibition is called homeTONE and is open to the public every Thursday and Friday afternoon.

STEIM’s ambition is to connect many different networks of artists, makers, scientists, students, and cultural and scientific institutions. STEIM offers a Master’s Degree in ‘Instruments and Interfaces’ in collaboration with the Royal Conservatory in The Hague, and provides educational services to art schools and conservatories. STEIM works closely with the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ in Amsterdam and with organisations like Sonic Acts, FIBER, and TodaysArt as presentation partners for performance and sound art experiments. Every first Thursday of the month there is a ‘Connector’ event, where STEIM connects with another collective or disciplin, resulting in either a concert or exhibition.

STEIM’s formal procedure for artists who are interested in a residency is as follows: write us an email ( with your plans or ideas and we will get back to you. 😉