Stas Kokke

”Stas Kokke a creative thinker with a technical heart”

Stas finished his study industrial design in 2009 but came to the conclusion that his desire to be a more creative thinker won from the position of being only a technical engineer. In 2009, he started his second study, Product Design at the Artez Institute of Arts, in Arnhem. During his study, from July to December 2012, he interned at the Joris Laarman Studio in Amsterdam. He got his bachelor degree in 2013. After his study, Stas gained experience in the lighting industry, as a freelance designer and as a part of the research and development team of Triolight in Barneveld.
He also worked in interior design studio’s like studio IJM, obtaining experience with furniture design, and is also skilled in providing technical and creative solutions in other fields.
Now the proud owner of his own studio based in Amsterdam at schipluidenlaan 12.
With a passion for social gathering(s) and lightweight constructions Stas could be your multi employable worker.

Inspired by small festivals and the Dutch do it yourself party scene my designs enable the use of relatively cheap and easy accessible items such as umbrella’s and beer crates for social purposes.

When it comes to materials I have no special preferences. For the moment I use metals, fibreglass and synthetic textiles. My designs aim at clear, simple and light weight constructions that can be industrially produced in large numbers.