Puck van Dijk

Hi there! I work as a moderator and philosophical practitioner for various clients within the education-, creativity- and social/philosophical realm.
Some of my clients aks me to guide them through a Socratic dialogue, others want to explore the future of education with me, or aks me to host a critical program about the complex relation between nature and city life. All of this I do in a philosophical and creative way in which I try to guide them to greater insight and understanding.

I also work as a film/theater director, coach and dramaturge in the theater industry. Together with Cat Smits I am the artistic director of PLAY Productions, an interdisciplinary company which integrates site specific theater with film and video art. Check out the trailer of our latest production Night Shift on vimeo to get an idea of what we do!

BA Theater Education (Amsterdam School of the Arts, 1st degree teaching qualification, 2008)
BA Philosophy (University of Amsterdam, 2011)
MA Philosophy (Vrije Universiteit, specializing in business philosophy and ethics, 2013)

I spent most of my childhood living in South America as a typical ‘expat child’. Being brought up in different environments and cultures shaped who I am now. I have a great adaptability and I’m always open to different views and perspectives. I love working in a dynamic work environment, to be surprised in what life has to offer and to never stop exploring!