Iona Hogendoorn

Iona Hogendoorn is a photographer and filmmaker, specialising in the fields of global issues and social subjects. Iona’s ambition is to make a contribution to the complex world of today through audiovisual work, inviting the spectator to feel closer to understanding other realities.

Through stories or single images, in public space, multimedia or print, Iona tries to communicate feeling, authenticity, purity and clarity in a world overwhelmed by information. The information she contributes aims to be insightful and reflective, bridging gaps between people and creating understanding within the torrent of media information.

Bringing back humanity to the public and private sphere, inviting discussion of underlying themes that politics fail to reach.

Collaboration with social organizations and professionals is indispensible in order to bring full understanding into bloom and join knowledge, forces and talents.

In addition, Iona is passionate about making compelling, insightful and beautiful still and moving images, both in her autonomous work or for clients.