Buro Curious

We are Ella & Swaantje from Buro Curious – experience creators.

By using applied arts we create experiences for people at big congresses, events and festivals. We always try to make the visitors interact, involving them with the performance and turning them into participators instead of consumers. It’s important for us that the curiosity of the visitors is always kept alive, and that they’ll look at a subject or theme differently after having had one of our experiences.

We’ve designed experiences for brands (for instance an adventurous treasure hunt through the Red Light District for Red Bull International) and festivals (like a real live fairytale audiotour with performers and sense stimulating food at Mysteryland). But we also designed a total experience event for a lawyer agency’s anniversary where we were involved in the whole design (from invitation till food design; from visual design till live band).
From time to time we’re involved as part of a program. For instance: we have a personal ‘Red Carpet’ performance which makes the visiter of an event part of a trilling VIP experience. Or a hosting performance where our performers welcome the guests at special events (like at ‘Vincent op Vrijdag’).

We love to make a story a real experience like we do in our work with Cineville.

We’ve been in the Broedplaats VKG since the very beginning and have been involved in lots of events and projects of the place since 2007. When the building transformed into Volkshotel we’ve designed an interactive experience room as one of the hotels 9 special rooms (YOU ARE HERE). A room where you can visit some special location in Amsterdam by pushing a button at a map. Four beamers take you to this destination by showing the place as a moving image with wounds on all 4 walls.

Since 2016 we’ve also been part of the designer team of DUS. An inspiring and daring theme related program in Doka.

We feel inspired to be part of a creative network of Urban Resort residents.