Bram Wassink

The Boom Bus

As well as the essentials for survival, like food and shelter, children need to be able to play, express themselves and interact with others their age so they can develop healthily. We believe music is a very powerful tool for this development as it can help children to heal the emotional wounds of war, boost creativity and stimulate compassionate communication. It’s The Boom Bus’ mission to bring music to children from conflict areas. Therefore the bus will drive from Amsterdam to Athens and stop at multiple refugee camps to facilitate music workshops with Boomwhackers. Boomwhackers are expressive musical instruments that are very easy to play, cross cultural, portable, peaceful, colourful and most importantly fun, for children and people who work with children. We will provide lessons for groups or children and train educators to continue these lessons once we have resumed our journey.

With your support, we can create The Boom Bus and bring music to refugee children.