Beri Shalmashi

Beri is a writer and director. During her graduation year at the Netherlands Film Academy she wins the Echo Award for most excellent bicultural student in higher education. That same year, Shalmashi receives an MA degree in film directing from the Utrecht School of Arts and also attends several courses at the University of Amsterdam and the University of California, Los Angeles.

After her studies Beri makes several well-received films, including ‘Mama’ that  she co-writes  and directs with Sanne Vogel. It gets them a nomination for a Golden Calf for best television film in the Netherlands.

Beri Shalmashi has lived in Los Angeles, Cairo and Erbil where she tutored film at Iraqi Kurdistan’s oldest university. Together with Willem Capteyn she wrote the adaptation of Kader Abdolah’s bestseller ‘The House of the Mosque’ and she has new work in development, such as the romantic comedy ‘Welcome’ and ‘Big Village’, a transmedial documentary re-researching her heritage amongst Iranian Kurds. She also writes for De Volkskrant and De Filmkrant on a regular base and has just released her newest short film ‘Shouted From the Rooftops’.