Arianne Hinz

Arianne Hinz works as a filmmaker. She directs both short films and documentaries and has a weak spot for dark fairytales. Arianne’s work often involves children and she has a background in Psychology.


In 2008 she moved to Germany to study Directing at the filmArche in Berlin. Her short film Ich Bin Nicht Mutig (I’m Not Brave) made it to numerous international film festivals and won several awards, such as the Best Student Feature at the Zlín Film Festival in the Czech Republic. The film was described as ‘David Lynch for kids’ by Margret Albers, the Festival Director of the ‘Goldener Spatz’ Filmfestival.


After moving back to the Netherlands in 2013 Arianne continued to write and direct films and documentaries, such as the short documentary Losers – A Film About Loss which won the evo Förderpreis at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen.


In 2016 Arianne made a pre school series for television (KRO-NCRV), that combines live action and stop motion animation. Currently she’s developing a documentary that investigates imaginary friendships in both children and adults.


Arianne loves working with children and is available for television and commercial work.



BIKKELS: JANET, 2015, documentary, 25 mins., IDTV/ VPRO, the Netherlands


LOSERS, 2014, short documentary, 16 mins., Hazazah Pictures/ KRO, the Netherlands


A PLACE FOR YOU IN MY HEART, 2013, music video, 3:43 Min., Germany


I’M NOT BRAVE, 2012, children’s horrorfilm, 11 min., filmArche, Germany


THE GIRL WHO COULDN’T DECIDE, 2012, modern fairytale, 12 min., filmArche, Germany


MELANIE AND TANIA AT THE GAY GAMES IN COLOGNE, 2010, short documentary, 6 min.,, Germany