Anastasia Kostner

Professional Dancer, Dance Maker, Certified Rolfer

Originally from Italy, I studied contemporary dance and movement studies being keen on different movement styles and performing techniques. I am very open for experiments in the contemporary art field, therefore love working as a dancer for choreographers or in collaboration with other artists. Nevertheless, I also lounge own projects with an interest in interactivity / sight specific work / identity and audience participatory works. I therefore also studied dance in community, as well as choreology and choreography.

I have performed in dance-theatre productions, widening my acting skills (Roberto Castello), as well as in highly physical (Les Gents D’Uterpan), or very conceptual dance pieces (Thierry De Mey), loving the wide range of different expressions in dance works.

Dance, composition and motion are the main pillars on my life trajectory, growing up in between cultures, experiencing a mixture of philosophies and languages. Besides knowing many means of communicating, the strongest and truest medium I felt possible to express through was my own body. Movement, as other art forms, could express the grey areas of humanity, which could not be expressed elsewhere.

My interest in researching around movement and collaborations with artists of other disciplines brought me to the Netherlands and to opening a platform for dance and technology called Animu:

Contemporary Dance Flying Low Acting Ballet Modern Dance Gaga Physical Theatre Composition Improvisation Partnering Contact Impro Butoh Rolfing Movement