Medehuurder gezocht in fotografie studio ACTA

84 m2
Per direct
490,- excl. BTW

Studio spot for rent.

Dear photographers from Amsterdam, There is a spot in
my studio open for rent.

The place is in the Acta Building at Slotervaart near the A10 and for now it has Free Parking.

The studio is equipped with a day-light make-up table and a white limbo 5 meters wide 5 meters high and 6 meters long. The maximum length you can take from the limbo wall is almost 10 meters. Besides that, there is a white painted concrete wall with a cool structure. State of the art sound system and much more.

You can use all the gripping and tripods available in the studio, and for a extra fee you can use the flash gear thats in the studio.

You will get a spot for 10 days a month of which you can use 2 in the weekend. The weekend days after the 2 days are always negotiable if the studio is not in use by someone else. There will be a maximum of 3 photographers on this studio but for now it would be just two. There will be a 3 month trial period for either side and afterwards there is a notice period of 2 months.

For details and viewings please give me a call or email


The price is 490 ex BTW for al of this:

White Limbo
Eizo wide gamut screen
Panels for setbuilding
Wacom tablet
3 dedicated 16amp power groups with failsafe
5200K Makeup table
Posing Bloks
Posing Table
Foto boom
Extension Cables
Clothing Racks
Audio system
Coffee Thee