Looking for artist to join our communal living group (including shared studio) – Broedplaats ACTA

13 m2
1 april
Room - 283,43e Rent + 100e Service costs / Studio Rent - 173e (includes BTW)
Applying goes via this link:
The Details

The room is 11m2 with a lofted bed. The move in date is April 1. You can paint and modify the room. We share a large space – a former lecture hall – that is our common room and kitchen. There is a smoking section in the corner of this room (no smoking in the bed rooms). We also share two WCs and 3 showers. Omer comes once a week for cleaning the common spaces. Currently the building is under contract till 2024. Noise can be an issue (mostly from the students who live in other woongroeps in the building). Mice occasionally visit the kitchen so we take care to dispose of food waste and keep surfaces clean.

The studio is 57m2 and is shared with two artists – a photographer and a music producer. The space is not isolated and therefore not suitable for live music/band rehearsal. There is small kitchen in the studio. Also fast internet, a window, and two radiators.

For images of the room, common spaces, and studio check here: https://postimg.cc/gallery/XYG0XcZ

Room – 283,43e Rent + 100e Service costs (electric, heat, internet, etc)
Monthly House Pot – 25 Euros (This is for Omer’s weekly payment, shared toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and house improvements).
Studio Rent – 173e (includes BTW, this is considered as a business expense, this amount is also including service costs)
Total per month – 581.43e

There is a deposit for both the room (~759e) and the studio (~346e).

You must be registered at the KVK as ZZPer and pass the basic CAWA test.
More about CAWA and registration (point 3): https://www.amsterdam.nl/kunst-cultuur/ateliers-broedplaatsen/voorwaarden/