Looking for an artist to join our communal living space in ACTA (work/living space)

14 m2
1st of January
Living/working space Broedplaats ACTA
We are 11 artists looking for an artist to join our communal living space in the ACTA building, from 1st of January onwards. We all have a workspace/studio/atelier in ACTA. We have musicians, filmmakers, actors, photographers and performers living with us.
Sometimes people work together, most people have their own practice. Our group exists of people who are responsible and sociable but also can respect each other’s privacy. Twelve is a lot, but since we all have a workspace downstairs twelve doesn’t always feel like a lot. Please consider if communal-living is something for you before reacting. We are looking for a new roommate who is planning to live with us for a longer period of time, because we strive to build a community that’s growing stable and strong <3
Specs living space:
– you need to be a registered ZZP-er for the belastingdienst.
– you need to pass the CAWA test (gemeente Amsterdam)  (deadline 5th of December: https://www.ateliers.amsterdam.nl/algemeen/informatie-toetsen/ )
– bedroom room is 14 square meters, with a high ceiling (4m) so the bed is build on a vide (with stairs)
– kitchen, bathroom, toilets & hallway is shared space.
– building is old; we need to keep investing in it ourselves to keep it nice, cosy and liveable.
– you pay €380 for the room €25 for the housepot (to pay our cleaner and other expenses).
Specs working space:
– The studio is a space of 33 m2. The space is divided into two workspaces (see pictures).
– It is a CAWA-studio, so you need to be registered (https://www.amsterdam.nl/kunst-cultuur/ateliers-broedplaatsen/voorwaarden/).
– The costs are €301,13 a month.
– It’s a quiet studio on the ground floor with view on the garden. The neighbours are a painter and an art direction/creative agency. So any profession that makes noise isn’t suitable.
If you are interested, please e-mail a short introduction and motivation to info@jeskedeblauw.nl

The hospiteer-date will be the 9th of December at 20:00.