Looking for a new tenant for living group ACTA

11 m2
1st of July
€370,43 (290,43e Rent + 100e Service costs - electric, heat, internet, etc)

Please see this form for more details: http://bit.ly/ACTAJune19

Are you an artist, designer, creative of any kind looking for a room in Amsterdam? Do you like living with other people? Are you also interested in getting a studio space at ACTA? Then keep on reading! This is a room at ACTA in our living group with a move in date of June 1st 2021. This form gives many of the important details of our home & workspace. It is also so that we can get to know you a bit. This offer is also open to students as well.

We are only offering a room with registration at this time.
There is a possibility in the future of getting a studio space in Broedplaats ACTA if you are interested.

Currently, the managers of the living space are saying that their project will end on June 30th, 2022. If you choose to live here you will get a contract that end on the date. There is a chance that the living spaces will continue after that date, but we have no guarantee.

We are a living group of 11 artists looking for a person to become of our woongroep and the broedplaats. We are photographers, writers, music producers, theatermakers, actors, mimers, dancers, filmmakers, designers, and many other things – so we are open to any discipline. We are a mixture of Dutch and International folks. As a living group, we have a nice dynamic of caring and giving space for one another. One can choose to spend time with the group or to take time for themselves. We give support for each other personally and sometimes creatively. On occasion we have spontaneous dinners and sometimes more elaborate planned parties (more during this time of lock-down). In January we made a short horror film together and other collaborations continue to happen between us and other creatives in the broedplaats. The expectation from one another is that everyone cleans up after themselves, perform their house tasks, and to be good to one another.

We share a large space – a former lecture hall – that is our common room and kitchen. There is a smoking section in the corner of this room (no smoking in the bed rooms). We also share two WCs and 3 showers. Currently the broedplaats is under contract till 2024. Noise can be an issue (mostly from the students who live in other living groups in the building). Mice occasionally visit the kitchen so we take care to dispose of food waste and keep surfaces clean.

If living with us looks like something you would be interested in, then we would like to get to know you! Fill out the form via the link below or record a short video addressing the questions. The hospiteer (a meeting with the current housemates) which will take place on June 19th @ 19:00. Please keep that date & time free.


If you have any questions please contact Noah Voelker – noahvoelker@gmail.com
It is also possible to create a short video (3-5 min) answering the questions & send to the email above.

The Details
Room size: 11m2. Registration is possible for 1 person.
Room Rent – €370,43 (290,43e Rent + 100e Service costs – electric, heat, internet, etc)
Monthly House Pot – 25 Euros
Contract duration: July 1, 2021 till June 30, 2022
There is a deposit for the room (380e).

A person who moves in with us will get priority on the next available and affordable space.
There is also the possibility to sublet in different studios in the meantime.

Check here for images of the common space and a room (not the actual room but an example) in our living group: https://imgur.com/a/ZurDOoR

In order to be eligible for the room your income must be below a particular amount (aprox 40,000).