VKG-huurder creëert nieuwe dansperformance

25/09/2017 VKG

VKG-huurder Jeroen Franssen creëert samen met choreograaf en danser Sagi Gross de performance: DayTime Moon.

DayTime Moon is about homesickness: the inability to be in two places at once creates a space of personal tension. These sensations form the core of this performance.

Choreographer Sagi Gross says: “Even as an integrated immigrant, the movement between the two worlds stays with you. Sometimes when I see the moon in the daytime, I feel as though it doesn’t belong there, and that I, just like the moon, am in a place where I don’t fully belong. My experience of homesickness, loneliness and the desire for affiliation are the source of this creation.”

In this performance, the choreographer works with extremes. Based on his “Physical Script” method of dance, he uses his dance idiom to share these emotions with the audience. Gross puts his dancers in pointe shoes, so we may see how they stand up miraculously, twisting and turning literally and mentally to connect and to create connection. The dancers in DayTime Moon follow their inner voice, seeking freedom and trust.

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