UNSEEN PROFIT symposium 16 juni Wenen


On the initiative of the Vienna Business Agency and organized by the Creative Spaces Vienna, the UNSEEN PROFIT symposium will focus for two days on the potential of vacancy activation and temporary use: How can vacancies be prevented and used positively? What added value do successful projects offer? It is about concrete challenges and possible solutions in dealing with the resource space.

Guests from Amsterdam, Aarhus, Paris, Hamburg and Vienna will give an insight into best practice projects in their cities in exciting keynote speeches. Which formerly fallow locations have they brought to life? Which collaborations, synergies, co-creation processes arise in these converted areas and thus contribute to the development of a sustainable urbanity? After these inputs, there will be an exciting panel discussion on the subject on day two.

The lectures and the panel discussion in the GARAGE GRANDE will be broadcast live online. The Garage Grande is a closed parking garage in Ottakring that will be used for three years. Since July 2020 it has been a meeting point for the neighborhood, a space for gardening, offers space for art and culture and much more.


WEDNESDAY June 16, 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in LIVE STREAM

Presentation UNSEEN PROFIT – On the potential of temporary uses in real estate development (Margot Deerenberg, Paradocks)
Urban Resort (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Institut for X (Aarhus, Denmark)
Creative Quarter Oberhafen (Hamburg, Germany)
Le Centquatre-Paris (Paris, France)
Am Kempelenpark (Vienna, Austria)

THURSDAY June 17th 11 am-4pm Visit to current temporary use projects with Uli Fries and Jutta Kleedorfer and

from 6 p.m. in the LIVE-STREAM panel discussion
What are the current challenges, solutions and possible alliances in dealing with vacancies in Vienna?

On the podium: Veronica Kaup-Hasler (City Councilor for Culture and Science), Hans-Jörg Ulreich (Ulreich Property Developer), Elisabeth Noever-Ginthör (Vienna Business Agency), Zita Maria Kral (Creative Cluster) and Vasilena Gankovska (IG Fine Arts).

Moderation: Rudolf Scheuvens (TU Vienna)

Information on the live stream and program is available at www.kreativeraeumewien.at.