The 7e Futurologisch Symposium of Free Cultural Spaces Degentrification: a manifest in action

11/10/2017 Published on 10/11/2017

PRESS RELEASE Amsterdam, 4th Oktober 2017

ADM presents: The 7e Futurologisch Symposium of Free Cultural Spaces Degentrification: a manifest in action

Visit our three days symposium with lectures, workshops, discussions, debates and a dynamic closing action in the city centre !

The main issue of this years symposium is: “De-gentrification: countercultural contestations of space in the city”.

The aim is to generate a number of specific proposals regarding the survival of free cultural spaces. To present a manifest regarding a livable and fair city for everyone, a city in economic and social balance.

The culture of free cultural spaces is at odds with the proliferating gentrification. In stead of wanting to get rid of unwelcome (less affluent) elements, in order to upgrade neighbourhoods or districts, free cultural spaces stand for diversity and mutual solidarity. No equalization of the abnormal, but a welcoming of the extraordinary.

International speakers share their knowledge and visions about degentrificatie, like Brian Doucet about urban renaissance (Can), Roberta Cucca about green gentrification (Austria)and Cody Hochstenbach about gentrification and unequality (NL), a.o.

Members of various movements against gentrification from Europa are comin to talk and think, like Morar Em Lisboa (Port) and Arran (Barcelona), a.o. Of course sveral free cultural spaces around Europe present themselves: Christiania (Den), Uzupis (Lit), Erf 81 (Zuid-Afrika), Ruigoord (NL), Landbouwbelang (NL) a.o. There are sessions, workshops and discussions about gentrification and nightlife, education, art, architecture and more.

The 7th futurologic symposium is part of the ADM festival. 12th oktober 16.00-23.00h, 13th oktober 10.00-23.00h, 14th oktober 10.00-18.00h.

Full program and detailed information:

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Please note: no cash machine, cash only. Shuttle bus is driving during the opening hours of the festival from Piarcoplein (Station Sloterdijk). No camping and no dogs! The ADM festival is an unsubsidized and non-profit festival. All employees and artists work on a voluntary basis. Any winnings are used in the battle for the continued existence of ADM.

The symposium is made possible with the support of stichting Landjuweel, stichting Ruigoord, Transnational Institute, FAIRcity en stichting Urban Resort.