POSCOLONIALISM? Artist Pablo Ponce residency in Tel Aviv 2016

24/10/2017 HW10

The month of october 2016, Pablo Ponce travelled extensively in and around the region of the West Bank (Bethlehem, Ramallah, Jericho, Hebron and Nablus) before starting a residency at Tel Hai Art College .

His work ‘Broken Embraces’ consists of a series of architectonic shapes that incorporate clay collected in Hebron and the Golan Heights area in Israel. Pablo used the clay as a symbolic and political element. The installation speaks of his experiences of walls and checkpoints, and includes a video of children crossing the notorious Hebron checkpoint in the center of the old city. The video captures the insidious normalisation of this inhumane system of population control, and engages subtly with a subversive form of parody of the invisible guards, as an impatient adolescent bangs a turnstile gate.

Artist in residence project. Benjamini Contemporary Ceramic Center Tel Aviv.