IF I CAN’T DANCE (Broedplaats Westerdok) hosts radioshow about ‘Social Movement’


8 November –  4 December 2018 | At various venues throughout Amsterdam  

On three consecutive Wednesdays, between 13–14hr, If I Can’t Dance hosts local guests for an informal conversation around a theme relevant to our research into ‘Social Movement’. Audiences are welcome to tune in online via Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee or join in the office for the live broadcast and lunch.


EmbodimentWhen we think about social movement we tend to think of protests and manifestations, forms of collective action that aim for socio-political change. However bodies also move in social ways. This Radio Emma looks at how the body’s performance ties the individual to the social, the micro to the macro, and seeks to address the concepts of embodiment and social movement.

With Pascale Gatzen, designer and head of MA Fashion Design, ArtEZ; Gregory Lennon, yoga teacher; and AnnaMaria Pinaka, visual artist
14 november Radio Emma: Embodiment



The dwindling of social welfare structures within neoliberalism has shifted structures of care away from collective responsibility. This Radio Emma looks for ways to (re)build relations of care. How can we perform caring gestures that begin from the sensorial, feeling, touching, listening, looking in ways that caress, reach out, and search for ethical relations with the self and others? Can an ethics of care forged at a sensorial level be the grounds for an ethics that could reorganize the social?

With Nell Donkers, curator of De Appel archive; Sands Murray-Wassink, painter/ body artist and perfume collector; and Marjan Sax, feminist and activist

21 november Radio Emma: Care 



Gathering: a movement of bodies coming together around a common goal. Whether it be for festive, spiritual, or political reasons, bodies that congregate signify in ways that extend beyond the discursive. This Radio Emma looks at gathering and asks: if bodily vulnerability is part of resistance, how can this build the grounds for new forms of embodied political intervention and modes of alliance that are characterized by interdependence?

With guests Marija Cetini?, writer, reproductive laborer, adjunct instructor; Taka Taka, artist and (drag)performer; Nagaré Willemsen, artist, co-founder and coordinator of usb_blackstudentunion, and Tina Reden, artist and co-founder of usb_blackstudentunion

28 november Radio Emma: Gathering


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Source: If i can’t dance, i won’t be part of your revolution