Glass presents Eori Wakakuwa’s (Broedplaats SUP) latest fashion film


Glass presents Eori Wakakuwa’s latest fashion film

EORI Wakakuwa’s latest fashion film is a dark, slow moving editorial that sees a model glide through the different parts of North London’s Hoxton.
The beginning of the film depicts the model dazed in a dark place, progressively letting light in until she finds herself in the outside – but she is in a graveyard. Her shaved afro and dark toned lips ooze confidence, yet there is an aura of uncertainty in where she is headed. When watching the film, I was constantly waiting for my questions to be answered – it was unlike any other video I had seen. The mysterious nature to the different settings and the girl seemed quite dark, a sense of never being quite there. With no narrative to the film, it allows the viewer to interpret the scenario as they wish.




Source: The Glass Magazine