FCS symposium #8: Reframing Environmentalism


This symposium is a follow-up of the 7th Futurologic Symposium on degentrification on the ADM .The central theme of the 8th futurologic symposium this year is Reframing Environmentalism

We expand our usual definition of “environment” to include those places we call “home”, our streets, neighborhoods, communities.
At the three event locations we will focus on three subthemes respectively: Hybrid Spaces (Nieuw en Meer), Space and Time (Ruigoord) and Recentralisation (Vrij Paleis).

The final day of the Symposium is intended to present a statement to the city of Amsterdam in word and deed by having a demonstration leading to the old Provo-Totempole Het Lieverdje. The parade will commemorates 50 years of Kabouterbeweging.

Friday: Hybrid spaces at Nieuw & Meer
with Jeroen Saris over Nieuw & Meer
with Aja Waalwijk en Marko de Goede over Ruigoord
with Boerderij de Boterbloem Amsterdam1 en Behoud Lutkemeer
And Jordan Zinovich and more t.b.a.
with Food by Nieuw en Meer
Performance by MadamBruno & The Amazing DeanDonDan

Saturday: Space and time at Ruigoord
with Daniel Piotr Rozenberg, Jordan Zinovich, Alan Dearling, and more t.b.a.
Performances by: Mokumse Zaken, Tijdelijke Toon, Jan Modaal
with soup and fries

Sunday: Recentralisation at Vrij Paleis and Lieverdje Spui
with: Luc Sala Mindlift, Luud Schimmelpennink, Roel van Duijn, Phil Bloom, Yvonne van Doorn-mousset, AK Bouwman, Myra Driessen, Menno Grootveld and more t.b.a.
with special soup in the night


More info on the Facebook event will follow soon…