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Artis enclave brings Sloterdijk to life

In the coming years, a new city center will be built between Sloterdijk’s railway viaducts. Here, broedplaats LYCKA provides Amsterdam with a brand new place where 40 artists can live and work. Where they can inspire and ignite each other with their creative drive. Contact and connection play an important role in LYCKA, between the residential group above and the studios in the broedplaats below, but also with the environment and the residents of Sloterdijk-Centrum.

Sloterdijk-Centrum is currently known as an office location and transport hub. With the construction of approximately 1,500 homes in the coming years, this area will change radically. It will also become the gateway to Havenstad, a new district that will cover the entire Westpoort area. Such ambitious plans are not just a matter of pouring a lot of concrete. The community of artists in LYCKA is intended as an injection of creativity that should accelerate the transformation of Sloterdijk Centrum: from ‘a tour hole’ to a place where there is something to experience.

In the LYCKA residential tower, 28 starter-homes have been realized for young CAWA artists. In addition, the 7 studios in the creative broedplaats, which together provide 15 workplaces, provide artists and start-up creative companies with a place to set up their practice in a growing district full of growth opportunities. You can come together in the multifunctional ‘Buurtkamer’ (neighborhood space) where meetings and events take place.

LYCKA is looking for pioneers! Read more about how to become part of the community here.


More information about LYCKA and the transformation of Sloterdijk:


LYCKA is possible through a collaboration between Urban Resort and housing-cooperation Eigen Haard and Bureau Broedplaatsen.