Superhallo – Theatre for the senses

Superhallo makes sensory installations and mini-performances that invite the visitor for a personal adventure. You step into a sunny world where everyday rituals are transformed into miraculous events. The light-surreal world of Superhallo has already produced several installations. They are each in their own way the stage for an interactive experience full of surprises. Every story has a tasteful climax that will send you back to reality with a big smile.

Martijn Jansen and Selina Houwing, creators of Superhallo, travel to festivals, parks and village squares both at home and abroad. Their compact feel-good installations look great and make the public curious from the first glance. Their productions are international hits. Language is no barrier since the story is told in a universal language of image, sound, smell and taste. Through their intimate and disarming charm the installations are popular with both young and old.