The Power of Request

15 June | 10:00 - 17:00 | Wijk 7

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Are you ever lost in knowing what it’s that you really want?
Do you find it difficult to ask for what you really want?
Is it scary to receive a NO?
Or to say NO?


Would you like to deepen your connections with yourself and others?
Would you like to be led more by your values and dreams and less by fear?
Do you want to stay in touch and deepen your Nonviolent Communication skills?

Than this workshop might be something for you.

In this workshop we will practice:
– Self-connection; so we know what it is that we want (based on needs).
– Stand firmly for your need and hold your request lightly.
– How to dare to asking your dream.
– Being intimate with possible fears that hold you back from asking your dream.
– Hearing a NO and welcoming all the unpleasant feelings that might come along with it.
– How to express a NO and be present with what is stirs up in the other.
– How to make a clear and powerful request.

We will explore:
– “Half yes” the risks of expressing one and how to make sure the other has a full Yes to your request.
– The difference between demand/request.
– Dialogue and Action requests.

This workshop is based on the principles of NON-VIOLENT COMMUNICATION (NVC) developed by Marshall Rosenberg:

NVC is an awareness practice based on four steps.
The NVC material carries an immense invitation to honesty, connection and compassion.
It gives tools to see the beauty in the other and share your own truth.
It helps us to move beyond judgements and analyses. On the level of needs there is no conflict, on the level of needs life happens, needs are universal.
And when we connect to those universal needs, creativity and natural compassion can flow.

During this day we invite and inspire you to let the natural process of connecting with what you want and making a requests flow.

We create a safe space to learn and practice to make Nonviolent Communication more integrated in your daily life.

For this workshop some experience with NVC is required.
For example:
You followed an NVC course (can also be online).
You have red Marshall Rosenberg’s book, “Nonviolent Communication”
You watched Marshall Rosenberg’s 3-hour introductory video.
Or on any other way you are familiar with the NVC material.… if you doubt get in touch with or

€ 60 – 120 depending on free will and income.
After registration we ask you to transfer a non-refundable € 15 to ensure your place.

For registration, questions and requests send an email to: or

Saturday 15-6-2019
10:00-17:00 incl. One hour lunch break

You are welcome in Wijk7. It’s a community centre in the Bijlmer, where people live and work.
Daalwijkdreef 7.
OV: Easily reachable with metro station Strandvliet or Venserpolder (both 7 minutes walk). 17 minutes from central station.
BIKE: 30 minutes from the centre of town. (Dam or Vondelpark).
CAR: free parking.

Marije Roos:
In 2013 I watched a video from Marshall Rosenberg, ever since I have been studying and practising NVC. Nowadays, I am even wondering how I could live without it!
In 2010 I did a Kundalini Yoga Teacher training, this gave me so much more awareness about myself, which was great but also confronting. For example getting awareness of the ongoing chattering in my head, which sounded rather harsh. NVC gave me the HOW TO hear the actual message of my (self)judgements, my inner educator, the perfectionist. It enables me to bring what I experience on my yoga mat (self connection and compassion) to right in the middle of a conflict. To live from honesty, compassion and care is what I would like to bring to the world.

Myra Heemskerk:
With embodying this awareness of NVC, I start to feel more relaxed in life. It empowers me soo much and brings me closer to experience trust.
I’ve followed and assist classes and trainings from different teachers in the Netherlands, especially Yoram Mosenzon.
Those teachings and my own experiences showed me a different way of viewing life and how we humans relate to each other.
And how all the different voices in my head (in some spiritual manners called the EGO) are actually trying to support my health and happiness! This is (self)love for me.