Presentation of work in process by BetweenTwoHands and Daniel Maalman | ACTA

Friday March 22  | 17:00 – 19:00 | RADION @ Broedplaats ACTA

Louwesweg 1

This evening art collective BetweenTwoHands (Broedplaats ACTA ) will present Oceanus, a work in process and has invited Daniel Maalman (artist in resident at STEIM in Broedplaats LELY) to present his ongoing research on ceramic and sound.

BetweenTwoHands presents their inspiration sources and their production methods for porcelain works and big ceramic works, which will be part of their new performance “Oceanus, a new ritual”.

All the ceramic works are made during an artist in residence period in the European Ceramic Workcentre in Oisterwijk

Oceanus will be developed into a ritualistic performance. The viewer will be invited to walk around with porcelain water containers during the performance.

From 17:00 onwards you are invited to join the artists for a drink in Broedplaats ACTA, where the collective has their studio. At 18:00 we will collectively go to RADION (also situated in Broedplaats ACTA). If you will arrive at 18:00 you can directly enter the EXPOZAAL of RADION.

Daniel Maalman

Daniel Maalman will give a presentation about his ongoing research involving ceramics related to sound at this event. Pictured above are some of his ceramic objects that he developed during a three month residency at EKWC. He is now continuing his research experiments with those objects at STEIM during a two month residency. 

Biography BetweenTwoHands

BetweenTwoHands is an artist collective, comprising the visual artists Erin Tjin A Ton (NL, 1985) and Gosia Kaczmarek (PL, 1981) and is expanded with third parties for each project. Erin and Gosia share a studio in Amsterdam and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Biography Daniel Maalman

Daniel Maalman is an artist who generally works with sound in the broadest possible spectrum. Originally coming from a visual art background, he found that his passion lies mainly in working with the sense of hearing. Besides making art he also has been writing and performing electronic music for many years.

With his Lost & Found Orchestra installations, Daniel turns locations, buildings and objects into musical compositions. Every edition is a new location. He starts by finding sounds that are hidden under the surface of materials by tapping on the objects, while amplifying them with microphones.

The tapping is done by little machines (like electro-magnetic solenoids or small motors) that are controlled from a computer, which functions as the conductor. The composition is being generated ‘live’, in real-time, like with an actual orchestra. These sound experiences only exist temporarily and sound different every edition. For a certain period of time, the audience can experience the composition, walking around in it, while the room around them is being played. Because the little machines all have a small light, the audience can find easily where which sound is generated. The sound and lights together create an audiovisual experience.”