Opening Goleb Expo: Casting a Shadow Wherever We Stand

Join us for the opening of Casting a Shadow Wherever We Stand – a multimedia exhibition with new works by five Amsterdam-based artists with different artistic backgrounds including dance, video, painting, sound and performance: Hee-Seung Choi, Artemise Ploegaerts, Louis Hothothot, Maia Elisabeth Sørensen and Josje Peters.

The exhibition draws attention to body—beyond its meaning as a physical entity—approaching it in social context as a communicative instrument both uninhibited and inhibited.

The opening will include a live performance by Artemise Ploegaerts at 21:00.
The performance will be followed by an afterparty with DJ Toby Paul at Westside.

Free entrance.

Exhibition will be on display till the 16th of january.

Photos: (Left) Artemise Ploegaerts, (Right) Josje Peters

Source: Goleb