22 June | 16:30 - 23:30 | LELY

Forever Changes would like to invite you to the transdisciplinary event NO-ONE-THING-ALONE, Saturday 22nd of June from 16.30 to 23.30 at Broedplaats Lely and De Appel Bar.


DJ let go (Abel Kroon)
Anthony Nestel
Esther Arribas
Elisa Zuppini
Helena Grande
Rick Dolphijn

“What makes us so certain that we can define a body in time and space as a separate and individual entity?”

Usually, we think of objects as stable and static things, while we humans are the active entities of the world, the ones who create change. But what if things and objects are alive because of their capacity to produce change in the world by shaping the web and modifying the interrelationships they are part of? One of those interrelation constellations consisting of a web of materials and active bodies is the human body. A human body is material, and yet this vital materiality is not entirely or exclusively human. My flesh is populated and constituted by different swans of foreigners…

How can we do away with the subject? And perceive ourselves as More-Than-One?

NO-ONE-THING-ALONE explores the potentiality of a thinking/doing beyond predefined categories, where everything is in process, going through change and modification, all affecting each other, forming alliances, competing, creating new processes and leaving others.

NO-ONE-THING-ALONE is an event that turns the spotlight on the indiscernible and makes the perceptible become-imperceptible.

Entrance: €7 (cash only)

The event is supported by:
Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst
Broedplaats Lely
De Appel