Wekelijks | Mindful Yin


Every week | 20:15 | Broedplaats SUP


This class will inspire you to take a look at your Yin side. It is a quiet practice to relax the body and calm the mind. In this class we practice mainly floor poses for 3 to 5 minutes. By staying longer in the poses Yin yoga targets deeper tissues in the body. This class incorporates many elements of mindfulness and has a meditative and calming effect.

If you have questions or want to join a class, please send an email at tamara@youyin.nl and mention the day(s) you want to join. If you want to bring friends who are also interested; they are more than welcome! I’m looking forward to see you all there. Much love, Tamara

LOCATION :Surinameplein 35 (bel 206)

PRICE ? 9 euro (special offers on www.youyin.nl)

WHAT TO WEAR ? Comfortable clothes, preferably different layers, socks!

NOTE: Be in time! When the class starts the door is closed (door is open 15 minutes before class starts)


See the FB page for more details