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2 Nov 2018 – 29 Jan 2019 Education programme De Appel | Broedplaats LELY

The Ensemble is De Appel’s recurring education programme. It gathers polyphonic voices, ideas, and experiences deriving from exhibitions and other artistic projects through a wide range of activities and conversations.

During 3 MOVEMENTS, the Ensemble will investigate sound and gender expression through body movement. What does sound do to our body? What do our bodies do to our mind? What can we communicate through movement? These questions, along with others, will be explored to imagine other ways of body awareness. The Ensemble of Movements is organised by De Appel with the artists and choreographers Sedrig Verwoert and Christiaan De Donder.

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Sedrig Verwoert and Christiaan De Donder. Image by Maarten Nauw.


Source: De Appel