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OA/AO with Robin Waart ‘Dedication(s)’ | De Appel

Tuesday 13 November | 20:00 | LELY

Tuesday 13 November | 20:00 (doors open 19:30) | Broedplaats LELY

November’s OA/AO session will feature a programme around the book launch of Dedication(s) with Robin Waart and Jan Verwoert. The event will also mark the start of a new hallway installation which will run from 13 November–16 December.

 Robin Waart, Dedications


‘To C.L.S.’, ‘For A.L.M.’, ‘In Memory of J.V.C.’ – Starting from his collection of three-letter dedications, Robin Waart’s new artist book Dedication(s) addresses the ways in which we give and take: the fact that, even as these dedications do appear in print and publically reach out, they remain private, intimate allusions to the more or less active and passive positions the roles of sender and receiver suggest. What the project immediately punctuates is the question of I and the other, the writer and her readers, an artist and her audience – i.e. the relationship between a fictional work and the reality in which it comes about: the question why and for whom we actually make (write, paint, sculpt) what we make.

 Robin Waart, Dedications


At the book launch, Dedication(s) will be introduced by Robin Waart in a conversation with Nell Donkers. Waart invited critic and writer Jan Verwoert to present his talk: From Debt to Dedication, from Performance to Perfume.

At De Appel, all 27 dedications in the book will be presented on the windows of the 1st floor’s hallway, leading into the archive. The dedications are partly accessible during exhibition opening hours. To read the entire installation visit during archive hours: Wednesdays and Thursdays 14:00-18:00.

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The evening at De Appel will extend into Robin Waart’s exhibition A Sense of Things to Come at Bradwolff Projects, Amsterdam, opening Sunday.

OA/AO (onder andere/among others) is an ongoing series of screenings, presentations, and conversations that focus around a single work or object. These intimate gatherings feature a range of special guests who are invited to talk about a recent project, idea, or thing, followed by a conversation in which we encourage audience participation. Through these short presentations, De Appel assembles an ongoing collage of the current critical and creative world, asking invited guests to think through and articulate a position towards the material they present, among others.


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