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n.paradoxa began as an online journal in December 1996. The founder, Katy Deepwell states in a conversation*: ” The rhetoric or hype about the Net implied it had everything and reflected everybody’s interests. But there was actually very little about contemporary feminist art practice available.”

The printed journal of n.paradoxa was founded in 1998 and published scholarly and critical articles written by women critics, art historians and artists which extend feminist art, theory, criticism and history on and about the work of contemporary women artists post-1970 (visual arts only) working anywhere in the world. n.paradoxa has been published twice per year for 20 years by its founder and editor-in-chief, Katy Deepwell. The online version continued simultaneously with the print journal for 12 years with entirely separate content.


( link to online journal )


Volume 40 in July 2017 was the last edition of the printed journal. While the journal has closed, the website continues and houses the Feminist-Art-Observatory, the largest online and international collection of resources on feminism and contemporary art: information about books, websites, journals/magazines, theses and more.

De Appel Archive acquired the whole printed series, 40 issues, and is proud to include it in the collection.

In the yearly summer magazine presentation the complete collection of the printed journal will be on view on the shelves of De Appel Archive. paradoxa was preceded by Manifesta Journal, Gagarin, Esopus Magazine and Impulse Magazine. De Appel Archive is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 14.00-18.00 or by appointment.


*This conversation between Maureen Connor and Katy Deepwell took place in New York in March 2001. The conversation was published in Art Journal 61, 2002

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