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Lalla Moulati

Short film | VKG


Annelieke Holland and Abdessalam Aichaidlane present a rough cut of their film ‘Lalla Moulati’.


Lalla Moulati portrays a group of Moroccan women from inside the walls of the Medina, Marrakech’s old city. On a stage of patterned tiles, the mothers, as they call themselves, reproduce a women-only gathering. With a microphone and a spotlight, they act out stories from their lives, for and with each other. In a mosaic of textual and musical scenes, through the individual and the collective, the mothers interweave personal matters, thoughts, and experiences. Through their own stories, fantasies, and furies, they invite us to the discreet world of the Moroccan housewife. Lalla Moulati lets the audience dive into the everyday lives of these Marrakchi women, as they perform as storytellers of their own life.


20:00 - 21:00


Wibautstraat 150
Amsterdam, 1091 GR Nederland